Special Offer - 25% Discount for domestic window cleaning

Recognising that everyone wants to save a little money wherever they can, we are pleased to announce a special discount deal to any new customers and to all our existing customers*

The special offer is simple - For any new or existing customer, simply get a friend** or a neighbour to sign up for window cleaning with me and both you and your friend/neighbour will receive 25% discount on the first 2 times I clean the windows*** That's a quarter off both your bill and theirs!!

Unlike many other offers, there is no limit on the amount of times you use this offer, but you cannot get more than 25% off at any one time. Once the 2 discounted cleans have elapsed, you are free to introduce another friend**** or neighbour to my services, thus continuing your discount for another 2 cleans as well as giving the new customer their discounted cleans. 

This offer will not last indefinitely, but notice of the closing of this offer will be posted here on this web-page at least 30days before the offer ends.

Terms and conditions.

There is no obligation for either customer to complete a minimum term of window cleaning services, no-one is "Locked-in" to any form of a contract in connection with this special offer. However please note of the footnote *** , you cannot expect a 2nd discounted clean if your friend/neighbour has dismissed my services before their 2nd (discounted) clean.

* this special discount is only available to domestic not commercial window cleaning and excludes any other offers or discounts

** both houses must be within two miles of each other to qualify

*** the discount is dependant on both parties having me clean their windows, ie if your friend/neighbour decides not to have me clean their windows for the 2nd time, then you too will not qualify for the 2nd discount.

**** You cannot introduce an existing customer, or one who has benefited from the discount within the previous 12 months, to get the discount